X-Stream Services Internet

DSL & Wireless Internet Service Area: Hinton, Lookeba, Eakly, Colony, Hydro & Cedar Lake.

Wireless Only Service Area: Weatherford, Binger, Oney, Anadarko, Ft Cobb, Crows Roost & South Calumet area.


High Speed Internet Service by X-Stream Services Offering speeds up to 50 Mbps!

> Broadband DSL, Wireless & Fiber Internet Available

> 7 Speed Packages from 1 Mbps up to 50 Mbps available to match your needs.

> Data Only package also available.  No Telephone or TV required.

> Prices range from $36.45 to $112.20

> Virus, Spyware & Spam filters included!

High Speed DSL and Wireless Internet is available in all of our telephone exchanges. Wireless is also available in many other areas as well!

Bundle your XStream Services High Speed Internet with other services for even more savings! Click HERE for more info!

Click here for X-Stream Services Copyright Infringement Policy


Wireless Coverage Area

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